Nuclear Structure effects and Implication in Stellar Nucleosynthesis


  报告题目: Nuclear Structure effects and Implication in Stellar Nucleosynthesis

  报告人:Dr. S. K. Ghorui (上海交通大学)




  Nuclear structure effects are crucial inputs for calculating nuclear reaction rates in astrophysical conditions. These rates are used in nuclear reaction network codes to calculate the nucleosynthesis that occurs in hot stellar environments. Despite experimental and theoretical progress, lack of knowledge of relevant or accurate weak-interaction data still constitutes a major obstacle in the simulation of some astrophysical scenarios today. Large scale nuclear structure calculation are performed within Shell Model as well as mean field models. The results from these calculations will be discussed. 

  It is well-known that elements heavier than Iron are mainly produced by rapid neutron capture process (r-process). In the r-process abundance spectra, the peak at A~130 and A~195 are related to the neutron magic number N=82 and N=126, respectively. However, the rare-earth element (REE) peak at A~165 is not well understood. A possible nuclear structure effects regarding the formation of this REE peak will be presented.